VRINN Receives Funding from Hedmark Municipality for Another Year

There is reason for joy for the VRINN cluster. In order to continue to invest in VR technology, games and ICT (Information and Communication Technology), the municipality of Hedmark is supporting both the VRINN cluster and the ICT Resource Forum Inland with a total of 1.75 million NOK (Norwegian Crowns).

Virtual Reality (VR) has been one of several key issues for the municipality of Hedmark in recent years. It delivers results and has established a nationally leading environment for VR in the Hamar region over the past three years.

Public and private stakeholders have invested more than 60 million NOK in the industry and the initiative has led to over 60 new jobs so far.

Both EON Reality, the world leader in VR, the Hamar Game Collective gaming cluster and the Inland University gaming community work closely with VRINN in many areas.

Global Position is the Goal

Now the VRINN cluster wants to continue. The goal is to achieve 200 new jobs and a global position in five years. The district municipality of Hedmark will grant 1,350,000 NOK to reach these goals.

“It is gratifying to see that this is a job-creating initiative and that business, academia and public actors are working together. We believe that this is a cluster that can occupy a global position and that will create important qualification jobs at home,” says county council leader Per-Gunnar Sveen.

In addition, the district council stresses that this is an initiative that will strengthen the impact of the establishment of EON Reality and promote innovation in the region.

Funding Stimulates Growth

The other cluster receiving support is the ICT Resource Forum Inland with a funding of 400 000 NOK . This is the third year in which the district council contributes to the cluster.

“It is the last year in which the cluster is supported, and they are well on their way to seeking cooperation with the VRINN cluster, HelseINN and Heidner. It is important for us to help build networks and collaborations that create jobs” says Sveen.

The matter was decided in the district parliament on Monday, 11 November.

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