The Cluster


In order to take full advantage of VRINN’s service, members pay a small annual fee (2500 – 15 000 NOK p.a.), which varies depending on the company’s turnover. Startups participate for free in the first year of membership.
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Currently the VRINN cluster consists of the following members:


We believe in the benefit of sharing knowledge and working together across national borders and genres to support and promote each other and strengthen international relations. Creating synergies is the key! Be part of the progress and contact us about a collaboration!

Since the gaming sector is very important within the cluster, our partner Hamar Game Collective is an essential part of our network.

Currently VRINN is cooperating with the following international innovation clusters, expert groups and communities:




The Board

The VRINN Board of Directors consists of the following members, who represent a mixture of private and public interest groups.

  • Are Vindfallet (Making View AS) – chairman
  • Marit Christine Berg (Inland Norway University) – board member
  • Knut Henrik Aas (EON Reality Norway AS) – board member
  • Eli Bryhni (Hamar Region Visit and Business) – board member
  • Amund Haugen Steinbakken (Hedmark county) – board member
  • Ingeborg Hartz (Inland Norway Hospital Trust) – board member
  • Knut Fangberget (Deputy Major Municipality of Hamar and business advisor) – board member

The Board is responsible for the strategic development of the VRINN cluster and manages the cluster on behalf of the cluster members. The VRINN Cluster Manager reports to the Chairman of the Board.

In addition to the Board of Directors, a Resource/Project Group has been established. This group forms the program committee for the Nordic VR Forum, supports the development of the VRINN cluster in connection with events and acts as a consultant for VR/AR issues.

Owners – legal information

VRINN is managed by Hamar Region Visit and Business, a Public regional business and destination development agency owned by the municipalities of Hamar, Løten and Stange (host), and part of #OsloRegion. The legal identity for VRINN is “Stange kommune, org. no.  970 169 717.


VRINN is supported by the Regional Council of the Hamar region as well as Innlandet fylkeskommune (Inland county municipality).

Hamar Region Visit and Business and VRINN are proud members of The VR/AR Association (VRARA). Are you interested in becoming a member of VRARA as well? We’ll be happy to help you out and tell you more! Follow VRARA Norway on Twitter.