After a long-term national and international process, NTNU Technology Transfer AS has selected Making View AS as a commercialization partner for a three-year research project called VirSam – Virtuell Samhandling (Virtual Interaction). The VR application developed in the research project deals with the ABCDE method and was developed together with St. Olav’s Hospital.

The ABCDE method is used by almost all healthcare institutions in the world. Making View will now adopt this application with rights for the whole world.

Press release from 24 June 2020:

New Technology for VR-based training could help save lives

The newly developed VR technology shows a high learning effect for medical personnel who are supposed to recognize acute conditions in patients

Norway’s leading Norwegian VR environment Making View signed a license agreement with NTNU Technology Transfer AS on 24 June 2020. This agreement gives the company the exclusive right to further develop and sell the research-based VR technology to enable effective training of healthcare professionals in hospitals, community health services and health science students.

According to Professor Aslak Steinsbekk, NTNU has been working on the use of Virtual Reality for many years to train healthcare professionals in clinical observation. Increasing the professional quality of observation of sick patients can help save more lives. Systematically, it becomes easier to detect potentially life-threatening conditions early in the course of the disease. The methodology for systematic clinical observation is called ABCDE and can be applied in any situation where a patient needs to be observed. There is a great need for training in the method across different disciplines in healthcare.

Several of the health professionals who have tried the training platform say that it has been both fun and engaging and effective. Compared to alternative forms of training, VR-based training is not resource-intensive and can be conducted anywhere. VR technology meets the enormous demand for training in the healthcare sector and offers a faster, more motivating and flexible form of learning. The technology has shown a high learning effect in a randomized study with 600 participants.

Both Making View and NTNU have met with great interest from several key players in the healthcare industry who want to use VR in education. Making View AS is now pleased to be responsible for further development and sales to hospitals and educational institutions both within and outside Norway, says Are S. Vindfallet, Sales Manager of Making View.

“NTNU Technology Transfer can state that Making View has been selected among several international players. Making View has good contacts with potential pilot customers and is prepared to focus and accelerate further development and international dissemination so that the technology can be made available to the company as soon as possible”, says NTNU Technology Transfer project manager Kristin Lønsethagen. “We rely on the fact that the customers of the NTNU technology have the necessary resources and means to realize the research and thus help as many people as possible. This often represents a unique opportunity for Norwegian investors to build industrial adventures in Norway.”

“We are grateful that NTNU has chosen Making View as a commercial and technical partner to disseminate the solution to public and private actors in the healthcare sector where VR-based training can be useful. We look forward to integrating the technology into our cognitive performance platform and bringing the product to market”, said Knut-Einar Wold, Managing Director of Making View.

“Making View faces an imminent round of topics to further develop its cognitive performance platform and ensure global scaling. The company works with several related VR products in the areas of mental health, training and education. NTNU’s newly developed VR technology is a perfect addition to our product portfolio and will help to strengthen Making View’s position in the marketplace”, said Knut-Einar Wold.
Contact person: Are Søby Vindfallet.
Contact person: Kristin Lønsethagen,