Virtual Tourism Office

With 360-degree VR videos from exciting destinations, the Hamar region will attract more visitors to the region.  “This is a very exciting project for the region’s tourism industry”, according to the General Manager of the tourism association Ingunn Hagen. “We have a leading national VR environment in our region, so there is the possibility to benefit from these advantages. It will be the tourism office 2.0”, says Hagen.

In autumn, Hamar Region Visit and Business launched the VR application Tourism in VR, which will include the Domkirkeodden Archaeological Museum, the Ankerskogen indoor swimming pool and spa, the Budor guesthouse and the Norwegian Forest Museum. Together with twelve other tourism players, they present those stories as part of the digital tourism solution.

“We want to highlight the many pearls we have in this region in a new and attractive way”, says Hagen.

A taste of the region

The VR videos are produced in cooperation with the VR company Making View in Hamar and can be seen with and without VR glasses.

“It is these little tastes from our region that invite people to visit us and perhaps those of us who live here, to take a new look at the great opportunities and sights of our region. We have our own VR glasses in the tourist office so that everyone can come in and look around”, says Ingunn Hagen.

Below you can watch a small video clip showing an early version of the app. You can also see the start menu of the VR app.