Become a member

Benefits for members:

  • Participation in innovation projects
  • Access to project and business development support
  • Information about VR/AR projects and technology in general
  • Information on project financing, innovation, commercialization etc.)
  • Co-financed delegation trips
  • Marketing and PR of the own company
  • Participation in the Nordic VR Forum for a member discount

All members agree to spend at least 25 hours per year on the cluster’s activities and to pay a small annual fee depending in the companies turnover:

  • Turnover 0-2 MNOK: 2500 kr p.a.
  • Turnover 2-20 MNOK: 5000 kr p.a.
  • Turnover over 20 MNOK: 15 000 kr p.a.
  • Municipality/Public sector/Academia: 10 000 kr p.a.

Startups participate for free in the first year of membership.

Are you interested in joining VRINN? Please contact us!


Immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR – often referred to as “XR”) are seen as technologies that can make a real difference in our collective future. In the eastern parts of Norway (inland region) a unique collaboration between public administration, local businesses and academia has led to an enormous focus on XR, games and gamification, with world-leading companies, research and projects taking place in the region, including Norway’s first VR/AR study program.

To help this ecosystem grow and develop and shape the future of work for organizations and companies in Norway and internationally, VRINN Immersive Learning Cluster was created. VRINN acts as a technology cluster that establishes and supports the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) ecosystem in the Norwegian “Innlandet” region while staying in contact with national and international partners. VRINN offers support in the application of VR and AR technologies, in the development of new products and services and in the exploitation of previously untapped potential. The field of activity concentrates on immersive learning. VRINN members exchange ideas and knowledge and participate in joint innovation projects to develop next generation technology solutions in areas such as learning, training and knowledge transfer. We strive to develop scalable solutions for an international market that have a global impact.

Several members of VRINN as well as the cluster administration are located in PARK entrepreneur and business house, in Hamar, while others are located elsewhere in Norway, such as Oslo and the Oslo Region.

VRINN is currently managed by Hamar Region Visit and Business, a regional development institution for the municipalities of Hamar, Løten and Stange. The cluster is owned by its members through the legal entity Stange kommune (org. No. 970 169 717).