About the VRINN cluster

Virtual reality is considered to be among the technologies that can make a real difference in our collective future. In the Inland region of Norway a unique cooperation between public government, local businesses and academia has led to a huge focus on VR and AR, with world leading businesses, research and projects taking place in the region, including Norway’s first VR/AR study programme.

To help this ecosystem grow and develop and help fuel the future of work for organizations and businesses in Norway and internationally, we have created the VRINN VR cluster (see member list).

VRINN is administrated by Hamarregionen Utvikling, a regional business development institution owned by the municipalities of Hamar, Løten and Stange.

The participants in VRINN share ideas and projects in order to develop next generation technology solutions in sectors like education and healthcare. We believe in sharing!

Several of the members of VRINN as well as the cluster administration is located in PARK, the new business and startup house in Hamar.

Member benefits

  • Marketing and PR of your VR/AR business
  • Be updated on VR/AR projects and technology in general
  • Invitations to events (e.g. how to apply for project funding etc.)
  • Invitation to field studies and trips
  • Access to project & business development support
  • Participate in tailoring the Nordic VR Forum

At this stage of the VRINN cluster participation is free, but as a member you commit to dedicate at least 25 hours per year to the cluster’s activities.

Are you interested? Contact us!

Partners and supporters
The creation of the VRINN cluster and The Nordic VR Forum is supported by the “Regional Council of the Hamar region” as well as the Hedmark County Council.

We believe in sharing and cooperation across borders and genres. Hence, VRINN is cooperating with VR Oslo and “VR-Norge“.

vrara_standardHamarregionen Utvikling and VRINN is a proud member of The VR/AR Association (VRARA). Are you interested in becoming a member of VRARA as well? We’ll be happy to help you out and tell you more! Follow VRARA Norway on Twitter.

Marketing material
Feel free to download our logo and “one pager“.